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Welcome to my writing space. I am a freelance writer and journalist. I love working on human interest stories, parenting related articles backed by research, market and technology trends that impact society at large and inspiring entrepreneurship stories. I also regularly do reviews on books and movies for publications.

If you find that a weird mix, it comes from different pockets of experiences that I have had over the years. I worked as an IT professional for twelve years with Intel and Goldman Sachs. I am a parent to a charming boy. I did my MBA in the reputed IIM,Bangalore. I have always turned to books for answers on life. I was brought up in South India, that was dominated by the movie-going experience. I love stories that have people at their center.

I have written for several markets including Mother and Baby, Parent and Child, Harmony – Celebrate Age, Deccan Herald, mycity4kids, yourstory, The Children’s Magazine and Magic Pot among others. In addition, I also work with corporate firms to generate content for them.

I am also the Writer’s Bureau UK’s ‘Writer of the year’ Runner-up for the year ending 2014.

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